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Our Passion
We are passionate about design and technology that challenge the way we work.  
Commercial office interiors and innovative technology that challenge the way we work, has been our passion for over two decades. 

Every project we take on (and we take on a lot of projects!) is embraced wholeheartedly, and with total dedication. 

Whether we’re specifying multi million pound furniture packages or managing a complex staff relocation, we invest our heart and soul, ensuring every project is delivered on time, and to your complete satisfaction. 

Our servicing include everything from initial consultancy to full project delivery.

Our goal? 
To challenge the way we work, the status quo. 
To always add value, to reduce risk and exceed expectation. 
To grow better, not bigger.
To help the planet stay green.
To inspire others to do the same and change lives.
Innovative Tech @ Work
The Internet Of Things
The Internet Of Things @ Work 
Smart Furniture & Occupancy Analysis using People Centric Workplace Sensors

FF&E Software As A Service
Furniture Industry training.
Online training platform.  

3D Digital Twin
Virtual Reality Tours & Walkthroughs 
for Real World Interiors
The Internet of Things is already hear by the way! 
Is your workplace fully loaded with people centric smart furniture?

People Centric Smart Furniture
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  •  WiFi 2.4 Ghz (b/g/n)
  •  Embedded RJ-45 connector
  •  Thermal Identifier
  •  OTA (over the air) firmware update
  •  Occupancy sensor
  •  Distance to ground sensor 
  •  L97,5 W63,4 H31 (mm)
We are working with prop tech start up TableAir in Lithuania developing people centric smart furniture that is already as smart as your smart phone.
The time has come for a sea of change, as the next big step in the evolution of interior design specification is upon us - cloud-based solutions and platforms. With ever decreasing margins and competition we have to speed up the product specification process and start using online platforms that leverage the power of the internet to promote, specify and sell furniture online. Interior designers and specifiers worldwide swear by their trusty old spreadsheets, but these messy and complicated tools will soon become a dim and distant memory. 

Working WITH YOU, NOT SELLING TO YOU we will assist you to build powerful automated FF&E platforms that will radically transform the way you work. 

The always-on, always-connected and always-updated nature of these systems have forced massive re-evaluations of the process from the ground up.  

Imagine NEVER having to: 

  • Never take orders over the phone or via email
  • Never have to create quotes or sales orders for individual orders
  • ​Never have to email customers with their order status 
  • ​Never have to create order acknowledgements or delivery notes
  • ​Never create installation schedules or O&M’s 
The Furniture Industry Knowledge Standard is 
THE ONLY online training course that teaches everything you need to know to get ahead in the furniture industry. 
The first ever Furniture industry training course that will prepare you for real life situations within our wacky world of commercial office furniture and interiors.

There is no better way to learn industry secrets than from someone who has been embedded within an industry for over a decade? One to one video training replaces up to a year of shadowing others. 

Impress the new boss and colleagues with your extensive knowledge and understanding of the furniture industry from day one. 

You will learn the history, industry jargon, best practices, manufacturing methods, your relationship with finance, design and the product installation team as well as how to organise your time, which by the way, you will never have enough of ever again - that's a promise! 

Join us today and start your adventure into the wacky world of office furniture and find out why we love this industry so much and will never leave. 
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