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FF&E Consultancy
We design and build online marketplaces for the commercial workplace sector. 
design | specify | manage | inspire 

Working for you, NOT selling to you, 
we design and build YOUR online furniture sales platform with you. 

Manage and distribute your furniture library online.
Speed up the product specification process.
Promote and sell your workplace Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment online.
Built utilising online platforms it's incredibly quick and easy to build your FF&E library or schedule then share with colleagues or clients around the world in real time.

Save time & money
Leverage online business systems will save you a massive amount of time and money allowing you to do other fun stuff at work or even at home.

Built by design consultants with over twenty two years knowledge and experience within the commercial office furniture sector. 

the commercial office interiors sector is evolving... 
Interior designers and specifiers worldwide swear by their trusty spreadsheets, but these messy and complicated tools will soon be a memory of the past. 

The time has come for a sea of change, as the next big step in the evolution of interior design specification is upon us - cloud-based solutions and platforms.

The always-on, always-connected and always-updated nature of these systems have forced massive re-evaluations of the process from the ground up.

Imagine NEVER having to: 

  • take orders over the phone or email 
  •  Creating a quote or sales orders for each order
  •  Updating the customer with their order status 
  •  Creating order acknowledgements, delivery notes
  •  Create installation schedules or O&M’s
The possibilities are truly limitless. 
What the platform is and does is for you to decide
No one platform will be the same as everyone has different requirements and different budgets but we have listed a number of features and benefits that will benefit clients the most and definitely get you thinking about what your platform can do for you. 
  • Working 'in-house' we will build your online furniture platform for you.
  • This is your platform. Owned by you. Design, built and managed by us for you.
  • You own it so have unlimited access to it.
  • Maintain full control. This is your platform not ours. We just manage it for you.
  • Flexible 'Pay as you go' invoiced monthly or yearly for additional cost savings. 
  • ​Build On and Off line sales and marketing and social media strategy to promote your platform to your clients. 
  • ​or simply use part of the platform to radically speed up existing workflow.
FAQ:  How will using this platform benefit my business? 

for the architect & designer :

Improve efficiency. Build an online FF&E library of best in class products to speed up the FF&E specification process. This process is currently painfully slow using over complicated clunky spreadsheets and having to sorting and filtering information manually. Now you can Automate this process and leverage your own online platform and FF&E library.
  • ​Design and Specify FF&E packages using cloud based dashboards.
  • ​Build FF&E schedules quickly and accurately using your own FF&E library.
  • Organise your FF&E product library in one shared platform for the whole company to use.
  • No more wasted time sorting, filtering and emailing clunky, old fashioned spreadsheets. 
  • ​The elegant design makes searching for frequently used products a sinch.
  • ​Stop re inventing the wheel on every single job. This platform will save you so much time, allowing you to do more fun stuff.
  • Import existing FF&E schedules from past projects and add new products as you find them. 
  •  Analyse the true 'cost of furniture' based on previous projects or selected products. 
  • ​Adjust pricing discounts, markup's and margins per line item, per supplier, per project.
  •  Automate the creation of standard documents and reports. 
  • Multi user access allows you to share your design proposals with colleagues and clients instantly.
  • Private membership access rights allows colleagues and clients to view different content such as client pricing, discounts and markup's.
  • Work SmartSpeed up the design process. 
  • ​View and analyse the frequently or most specified, best in class products by your designer.

for the furniture manufacturer and dealer :

Promote and sell products globally. Market products online to A&D and speed up the entire specification process. 

Is the dealer market dead already? 
If you are a manufacturer you can now promote your products direct to a global audience rather than via a traditional dealer network. Why not increase revenue by retaining the dealer margin, sell furniture online, direct to endusers via your own online e-commerce platform that you manage and are therefore in full control of.
  • Promote and sell furniture online using your own online platform that you manage and therefore maintain full control of. 
  • ​We know how important your brand is to you so retaining control of your product data is imperative. 
  • ​[Manufacturers] Manage and distribute your product information to dealers ensuring everyone has the most up to date product information and pricing.
  • ​[Dealers] Import manufacturers product price lists and specifications and view them on your own online 'store' platform.
  • ​Use the platform as a sales and marketing tool and allow Architects and Designers private members access so they can log in and specify your products easily and quickly. Make their job specifying your products easier and they will love you even more. 
  •  Market the platform to Architects and Designers weekly and on social media, This is your A&D sales Robot.
  •  SAVE TIME sorting filtering and emailing clunky, old fashioned spreadsheets.
  •  This platform will save you so much time, allowing you to do more fun stuff.
  • Secure membership access rights allows users to log-in and view different content such as pricing related to their discount level or fitting instructions, global agreements and procurement terms. 
  • ​Clients and dealer partners can access product specification including their own unique discount pricing so you don't need to have someone on call 24/7.
  • Analyse the true 'cost of furniture' based on previous projects and budget more accurately. 
  • Automate the creation of standard documents and reports such as Schedules, Order Acknowledgements, Delivery notes etc
  • ​​As a dealer how independent are you? Analyse who you specify the most and re negotiate payment terms. 

for the corporate end user :

Get organised. Build and share, asset registers and schedules of frequently purchased FF&E products. Build global furniture procurement standards allowing your facilities managers to specify, the same, pre negotiated products globally. How much time and money could that one use case save you alone? 
  • Organise all of your FF&E products using a simple online platform. 
  • ​Build an online asset management registers for all of your FF&E purchases including pre negotiated global pricing agreements.
  • SAVE TIME sorting filtering and Emailing clunky, old fashioned spreadsheets. 
  • ​Our responsive elegant design allows you to view and share your own global library of approved FF&E products in one place.
  • Work Smart. This platform will save you so much time, allowing you to do more fun stuff.
  •  Get started quickly by Importing existing FF&E schedules or asset registers by location or building.
  •  Analyse the true 'cost of furniture' based on previous purchases.
  •  Automate the creation of standard documents and reports. 
  • ​Multi user access allows you to share your information with colleagues in realtime.
Promote and sell globally, improve efficiency, organise, 
save time and money... what can we do for you? 
Consultancy fees
How do you pay us for providing you with so much awesomeness?
start up
Startup workshop
Invoiced following completion
  • Half day onsite workshop
  • a fact find mission
  • to define YOUR scope of works
  • broad and as deep as you like 
  • including a marketing strategy
  • and social media strategy
monthly fee 
Invoiced monthly
  • Circa, 40 hours per month 
  • Site setup product development adding new features, new products, yearly product price increase 
  • A full scope of works will be agreed during your startup workshop
  • Social Medial Marketing 
  • Site management and support
Yearly fee option
Invoiced yearly
2 months FREE
  • Basically you get 12 months for the price of 10 months
  • Site setup product development adding new features, new products, yearly product price increase Full list agreed during startup workshop which is FREE with this plan.
  • Social Medial Marketing 
  • Site management and support
  • Monthly analytics 
  • Quarterly onsite strategy meetings
Additional costs 
Additional resources can be added at any time. For example when you see what is now possible to achieve you may actually decide to 'go all in' and ramp up the speed of which we implement the whole platform. or decide you want to get your entire product library online and are starting from scratch. All of which can be explored at start up.

Prices do not include the software platform costs (remember this is your site) which can be discussed at start up depending on the full scope of your project.
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Proudly bootstrapped, and built on a foundation of work-life balance our goal, as always, is to grow better rather than bigger. We drive change in the commercial workplace sector using technology that will save you vast amounts of time, systems that will make you more money than they cost and ultimately improve employee wellness.
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